Shipping & Delivery


  1. STI shall use reasonable endeavors to deliver or cause to deliver Product of acceptable quality to the delivery address specified and by the Buyer however STI shall not represent or provide any guarantee on the estimated delivery time and STI shall not be held liable for any delay during the delivery services for reasons of delay which is not attributable by the faults of STI.

  2. The Product will be delivered to the Buyer via the service of a courier service company of STI choice.

  3. Delivery charges will be borne by the Buyer and it will be calculated based on the weight and the location in accordance to the scale fees as imposed by the courier service company.

  4. The Buyer shall agree that STI is not bound or obligated to accept or cause to accept any delivery to a P.O. Box address.

  5. The Buyer shall further agree that STI shall exercise its full and entire discretion to arrange for an alternative mode of delivery to an alternative address (to be provided by the Buyer upon receiving STI notification) in the event that STI or the appointed courier service company is lead to believe that and it might not be possible to make delivery to certain locations in certain circumstances. If delivery to some locations is not possible, STI may contact the Buyer to arrange for delivery to an alternative address.

  6. No delivery services shall be available on Sunday & public holidays or any days which may be determined to be unfit for delivery services by STI and/or the courier services company.

  7. Should there be any changes to the delivery address and contact number of the intended recipient of the delivery, the Buyer shall forthwith notify STI.

  8. The Buyer fully understands that in the event that delivery is not successful/completed for any reasons, a notification card will be left at the delivery address for the intended recipient to enable a self-collection process at the nearest designated point of collection as determine by the courier service company. If the intended recipient is not personally available to accept delivery of Product, an authorized representative may accept delivery on behalf of the intended recipient by providing proof of their identity card and accept on behalf of the intended recipient.

  9. If the intended recipient fails or refuses to collect the Product within seven (7) days from the date of the notification, STI and/or the courier services company shall reserves their full and entire rights and discretion to impose charges, penalty and/or dispose the Product as they deem fit and such relevant costs and charges shall be wholly borne by the Buyer.